Birth Control

What will you use for Birth control?

This question will come up in every Well women exam, prenatal visit and postpartum visit. Many women believe that when I ask this question, I am offering birth control pills, but that is not the purpose of that question. The idea of that question is to have a plan. There are so many ways to control our fertility that it is very important that you give this question thought. With this question, we also ask; are you healthy for pregnancy? What risks would you or a possible pregnancy have if you were to become pregnant at this time?  Are you in a point in your life where if you do become pregnant you will be prepared?

There are so many different ways to control your fertility. From permanent methods like having your tubes tied or vasectomy, long term reversible contraception like IUDs and implants, hormonal methods like pills, injectable or rings, or non-hormonal methods like condoms, withdraw of fertility tracking; all are birth control. They all have their specific set of pros and cons; possible unwanted side effects and possible desired side effects like controlling your period, or taking it away.

Below is a summary of different birth control methods, how effective they are and common side effects. Remember this is just a summary and overview. Please always talk to your doctor to go over the best method for you. Also, remember that only condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases.



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